Real Estate Broker — See Everything You Need to Know About the Profession

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Real Estate Broker

When considering joining a realtor career, it is common to ask yourself about some issues of the profession. And that’s great! To get into a profession on the right foot and be successful, you need to understand its details well.

So if you are full of doubts, don’t worry: they are normal! Even the most experienced professionals think about positioning themselves in the real estate market and evolving in the realtor career.

To help you illuminate your ideas, we have prepared this article with the primary information you need to know about the profession. Keep reading!

What does a realtor do?

A realtor is the professional responsible for intermediating negotiations for the lease, purchase, and sale of real estate properties. Its function is to take care of both the legal and bureaucratic parts, prepare documents and sign contracts, provide all the necessary information to the client, and carry out building inspections.

In this branch, there is the possibility of being a self-employed professional or employee of real estate and condominiums. In addition, you can work with different segments or specialize in one, such as rural, urban, residential, or business real estate.

How much does a realtor make?

According to, a successful realtor at the beginner level earns, on average, R$3,000 per month. However, this is just an estimate. When the professional is self-employed, his income depends on how much he sells.

Typically, a realtor receives about 6% of the value of the property they brokered — this percentage can be negotiable.

Since the monthly income is variable and depends solely on you, not everyone has a profile for this profession.

Some skills make all the difference when doing this work!

How to become a realtor?

In a realtor position, your result will come according to your effort. In other words, if you sell, you earn. Otherwise, you will have to run after the damage. So the tip is: be committed to working!

And that doesn’t just mean showing properties to interested clients. That’s not what will make your monthly income guaranteed.

Anyone can take their client to show an apartment, a townhouse, a commercial room, or a house. It is necessary to attract your client’s attention, showing that you are connected to the market and know the property. In addition, you need to know the region where it is located and the facilities your customer will guarantee when purchasing it.

Finally, a realtor must be emotionally and technically prepared to deal with his client. Acquiring a house or a business of your own is one of Americans’ biggest dreams, which involves expectations, desires, and desires that must be managed by you!

Therefore, one of your functions as a realtor is to bring security and tranquility to your client.

But not only that. To exercise this profession much more than this profile, it is necessary to have some technical skills, such as courses and credentials.

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