About Us

All these events are reflections of “a moment” that is not now, feminism. The fight for equality, access to basic rights, such as voting, participation in public life and the increase in female representation, took the subject out of niches of interest and brought it to our daily lives.

Clifton was born in this context, understanding that it is not about agreeing/liking/accepting feminism, but understanding that, regardless of personal views, it exists. It is important and necessary for the evolution of today’s society.

We have seen achievements and defeats, but we are part of a 400% increase in searches for the term feminism on Google, through independent coverage and quality content.

Writing for women is not just about talking about one subject. We are connected with what our readers want to find on v, talking about daily life, career, struggles, achievements, beauty, fashion, sports, business and many other subjects.

There are more than 10 million monthly visits, and with even greater ambitions for the coming years. After all, we have one certainty: it is impossible to limit our dreams and we can no longer bear to be classified as this or that for being a woman.

We are more than 15 women directly linked to Clifton and another 50 collaborating to build content so that we can be together in different moments of life. We always want to bring you information, reception and affection!