This Is Xiaomi’s Brand New Robot, CyberOne

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Xiaomi launched a bipedal humanoid robot during the course of a release function for its foldable handsets. The CyberOne is capable of recognizing 3D space as well as identifying men and women, actions, as well as facial expressions. It really is able to distinguish 45 categories of human emotion and also comfort users in times of unhappiness. Xiaomi professes a series of real-world roles for the robot, including fabricating assistance as well as human friendship.

Long gone are the times when an electronics firm could merely release a phone and stop the presentation. At today’s big launch event in Beijing, Xiaomi followed up its foldable news by handing the floor to CyberOne. This bipedal robot partnered with Lei Jun on the stage, exchanging greetings with the boss and presenting him a flower.

Upon initial glimpse, the robot is not really spritely, in with regards to locomotion, however it’s still a promising demonstration and very much not a person in a rubber suit. It’s newest indicator of Xiaomi’s evolving robotics ambitions, which commenced with vacuums and have since enlarged to feature last year’s Spot-esque CyberDog.

And we have seen loads of consumer brands flex some robotic prowess at functions like this, including Samsung as well as LG, so it’s challenging to know where CyberOne falls in the spectrum in between serious intent and stage spectacle.

Lei Jun was quick to discuss the company’s financial commitment in the niche saying that CyberOne’s AI and its mechanical abilities are all self-developed by Xiaomi Robotics Lab. He said they have put in heavily in research and development covering a variety of areas, including things like software applications, equipment as well as algorithms development.


I was both nervous and thrilled to interact with him on stage. What did you think of his performance tonight? #CyberOne

— leijun (@leijun) August 11, 2022


There’s an extremely broad range of assertions here, such as the ability to read people’s emotions. Xiaomi notes that humanoid robots are dependent on eyesight to process their surroundings. Outfitted with a self-developed Mi-Sense depth vision module and blended with an AI interaction algorithm, CyberOne is up to the task of sensing 3D space, and also identifying individual people, gestures, and facial expressions, enabling it to not only see but to interact with its surroundings. In order to interact with the environment, CyberOne is outfitted with a self-developed MiAI environment semantics recognition system as well as a MiAI vocal emotion identification system, making it possible for it to distinguish 85 types of environmental tones and 45 groups of human emotion. CyberOne has the ability to identify joy and happiness, as well as even condole the end user in times of sadness. All of these capabilities are combined into CyberOne’s processing units, which in turn are paired with a curved OLED module to show real-time interactive information and facts.

Equally broad are the declared real-world uses, varying from manufacturing service to human friendship. Certainly there will be plenty of use for either of these feature sets in the coming future, but that’s a very long way from this demonstration. For the moment, it most likely makes the sense to consider CyberOne as something of an analog to, for example, Honda’s Asimo: a promising study that serves as an excellent brand ambassador for much of the work being carried out in the field.

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