DriverZ Brings its Best Driving School Pages to Cities in Indiana

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New drivers and their families in Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne, and Evansville have a new way to find driver education

DriverZ, by IMPROVLearning, is now offering their Best Driving School initiative in cities across Indiana. Their aim is to pair new drivers, and their families, with the best in local driver education — possibly the most important step in the journey to safe driving. 

The schools selected for DriverZ’s coveted best driving school list provide the best training for new teen drivers, their parents, and anyone looking to learn, improve their skills, and become safer drivers. Now, residents in California have access to this service to find:

· Best Driving Schools in Indianapolis:

· Best Driving Schools in South Bend:

· Best Driving Schools in Fort Wayne:

· Best Driving Schools in Evansville:

DriverZ knows that parents and new drivers do not choose a driving school lightly, and neither do they. Listings include everything needed to find the school that best fits any individual’s needs. A synopsis of each business is included, along with which of the five core driver education services they offer. With their years of experience, the experts at DriverZ research and verify top driving schools based on several criteria, which include:

  • Years in business
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Curriculum
  • Instructor training practices

Users also get reviews, testimonials, links to individual company websites, and can see which courses have achieved “SPIDER Approved” status – DriverZ’s most exclusive rating designating driving schools that utilize SPIDER Method teaching principles.

An industry leader since 1989, DriverZ by IMPROVLearning knows what it takes to provide the best in driver education. Their courses utilize the acclaimed SPIDER Method, a straightforward training approach based on neuroscience and micro-learning developed for this generation of drivers and beyond. They believe that access to high-quality, professional driver education is the best way to make safer drivers, and they know that safer drivers make safer streets. 

“We are right in the middle of the 100 deadliest driving days for new and young drivers,” said CEO Gary Alexander. “We also know that summer is the most popular time of the year for driver education, so we are dedicated to helping students find their best local options.”

New drivers and their families can find various driver education resources, including cutting-edge traffic safety research, step-by-step guides to getting a license in their state, and a myriad of other content designed to help people get their licenses and become safer drivers at

IMPROVLearning also offers courses for drivers of all ages in insurance discount, defensive driving, traffic ticket dismissal, and more through their site

About DriverZ

DriverZ is a division of IMPROVLearning, a leading training organization known for its unique and proven-effective driver training curriculums and technology, teaching the renowned S.P.I.D.E.R Method of Defensive Driving. The DriverZ community gives users access to its 25+ years of unique traffic safety research and training to meet all a family’s driving-related needs.


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