Brisbane Tiny Home Expo

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It’s formally the greatest and best ever Tiny Home Expo!

No place else can one find the wide array of house builds, speakers as well as information, off grid solutions and selection of experts all in one place.

Huge variety of houses to have a look at

Professional building contractors that can put together your dream home

Experienced and experienced Presenters with question and answer panels

International Guest Presenter – Bryce Langston from Living Big In A Tiny House

And Also a PolkaDot Village showing how community as well as collaboration can get the tiny house movement alongside sessions and presentations and folks living the tiny home lifestyle.

The event is ticketed as well as staggered entry to hold the crowds down and also reduce waiting time to inspect houses.

Tickets are $35/$25 (please take a look at the frequently asked questions before commenting on ticket prices).

Children 16yrs and under are totally free.

A good amount of Car parking.

Tasty Food Court.

This Expo is Australia wide and also carries with it an abundance of resources that make it a total facts resource on all alternative living strategies, including off grid solar, toilets, water, money management, laws as well as guidelines.

 To see further information go to

The site contains a comprehensive frequently asked questions page which is regularly updated to give you the latest details.

Event Location

  • Cleveland Showgrounds only 20 minutes South of Brisbane
  • Open Friday 30th Sept – 10am – 3pm Gate tickets available
  • Open Saturday 1st October – 9am – 6pm Gate tickets very unlikely
  • Open Sunday 2nd October – 9am – 5pm Gate tickets possible, but not guaranteed

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